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Lets talk about these turkeys for a minute

Lets talk about these turkeys for a minute, and by turkeys I mean the Republican Debates.

First of all, they need some sort of elimination round. A few seemed to skip one or two, but for the most part, well, there they are. The same cast. The same answers.It seems that other nations have embraced this idea.

Yes, we've had a name struck from the list, but not by any result of these debates. Cain got tired of dancing around the answers to his "personal" questions. And keeping the steps straight was becoming more demanding.

But no one in the debate seemed interested in the fact that he didn't understand what a President does. Or more importantly, what he doesn't . Like sign constitutional amendment

Bachmann seemed to think that there was some sort of lever in the Oval Office that controls the price of gas . By the way, isn't that a good  working definition of .... wait for it... Socialism? What David does not seem to grasp is, if I do something, it's not Socialism.

Perry is wrong about the number of Supreme Court justices. There is no problem in the fact that Perry is not ashamed to be a Christian. The problem is, he's not ashamed of the fact that he is as dumb as a salted pancake.  Like here, when he didn't know the voting age. Or here, where he doesn't know the difference between a primary or a caucus.

Just as an aside, I was going to skip over the famous "brain fart" where he couldn't remember the third item in a list. But wait! Did you notice? One time he looked at his hand. "See. Nothing up my sleeve... and PRESTO!!!That's the difference between Palin and Perry. Both use their palms as a "teleprompter" but Palin writes on her hand. Perry thinks the answers will just appear  there.

But a more important issue, How many more of these things are scheduled? Every number I hear is in the teens. That can't be correct. Surely that's satire. Right. RIGHT?

Has no one bothered to explain to the Republican National Committee the down side of market saturation?

Or keep it simple.

Hey, RNC! Familiarity breads contempt.


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