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What Price Super Powers

Just incase you didn't know, (That's not a link, go there at your own peril) offers super powers.

If you got the money honey, they got the time.



See! See! For only half a million you can be a Master Builder of Merit. Now does that mean you become a builder with merits, or do you get a subcontracting licence to make other people merits for them. Its not really clear.


But wait, for only Five Million American Dollars, (only?) you can be in the Legion of Ot, what ever the hell that is. And become one of the first in line for super power auditing... when it becomes available.

Wait. Its not available yet?

I have it on very good authority, that one of the super powers is the ability to tell if you are tired and/or hungry.

There are higher , degrees? Is that the right word. 

Expensive at half the price.

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