The Birth Or Not Hoax
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 10:57AM
David Roberts

This is an old story, but it bears repeating.

A couple claiming to allow the internet to vote on whether or not they'll have an abortion got is share of attention on a lot of blogs.

Pete and Alisha Arnold, both 30, set up a website claiming they were torn about aborting or keeping their healthy baby boy and asked the public to vote online and help them decide

The couple in "happier " times, no dout.

There's one problem. It's been definitively proven to be a hoax. The couple registered the domain name over two months before the baby was supposedly conceived. Very suspicions.

Pete Arnold, is apparently a well-known right-wing troll .

Despite this, the couple is keeping up the an anti-abortion hoax and website, complete with scans of the fetus they claim to have nicknamed Wiggles. They have removed the ability to vote though.


The best irony of the story though is where THEY complain about fraud. The “vote” came out in favor of the couple aborting. And this could only happen “pro abortionist” flooded the web page.


Before the reveal, pro life constituents were quite adamant about their discuss with the affair. Mary Spaulding Balch, director of state legislation for National Right to Life, said: ‘This is shocking.The first thing that came to my mind when I heard of this was the Roman Colosseum when the mob picked who lived and who died.


Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-life action league, said: ‘I am horrified at the depths to which they have sunk and their failure to comprehend the dignity and value of human life.

After the reveal, nothing.

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