Shameless Plug for Someone Elses Product: The B-Movie Cast
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 9:39AM
David Roberts

I haven't plugged the B Movie Cast in a while, and since show Number 150 is coming up I thought I'd take a mo here and now.

Not of This Earth Episode 148


Since last we spoke of this happiness, a new member has been added to the cast, and she is most welcome to be here. Mary is Vince Rotolo's wife and she is a Gem! She is like the girl that came to your tree house, walked over to your comic books and started reading. She does manage to keep Vince and Nic in line, but only when really needed.

But Mary's presence has been felt on the show long before she was given a mike. She has been doing all the graphics for each show. Note this one for "Not of This Earth" featuring Beverly Garland from the 1957 version  AND Traci Lords from 1988 .

Beverly... and Traci..... Hmmmm.

Sorry, got off track there.

The show itself is a lot like a book club. Everyone reads an assigned book and then meets at so and so's house for ice cream and book chat.

Here, we know what next weeks movie is all about, and when we meet, you bring your own dessert of choice.

My favorite as you might have guessed is gin and tonic.

By the way, I keep forgetting to mention Nic Brown's book, "Blood Curse: Werewolf For Hire " Nic is no slouch in the B movie pantheon himself. Check out his website B Movie Man.


But do Nic a favor. Don't mention "That Movie", or the music will start to play.



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