Captain America
Friday, March 25, 2011 at 9:51AM
David Roberts

That's all I need to say. It looks like Cap is going to be done right this time:

Geek warning: The following is unashamedly Geeky! If the thought of a man old enough to be your grandfather talking about comics annoys you, go pound sand.

Captain America was Steve Rogers, A man who was turned down for military service just after Pearl Harbor.  He was a skinny runt, but wanted to do what he could .

He was chosen to be the original lab rat in an experimental "Super-Soldier serum" developed by the scientist "Dr. Josef Reinstein. This transforms him into a highly efficient and very strong individual. Not a Superman, but a human with better than average reactions balance. strength and endurance.


After the physical transformation, a Nazi spy reveals himself and shoots Dr Reinstein . Because the scientist had committed the crucial portions of the Super-Soldier formula to memory, it cannot be duplicated. 

The United States government, making the most of its one super-soldier and to hide all information about Operation: Rebirth and its failure, re-imagines him as a superhero who serves as both a counter-intelligence agent and a propaganda symbol to counter Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, the Red Skull. To that end, Rogers is given a uniform modeled after the American flag, a bulletproof shield, a gun, and the code name Captain America. He is also given a cover identity as a clumsy infantry private at Camp Lehigh in Virginia.

Later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who presents him with a new shield, forged from an alloy of steel and vibranium, fused by an unknown catalyst. The alloy is indestructible, yet the shield is light enough to use as a discus-like weapon that can be angled to return to him. It proves so effective that Captain America forgoes the sidearm.

If you know your comic book history a little different, bear in mind origin stories are sometimes subject to change as often as I change my sox.

You may have noted that I left out Bucky Sue me. I hate teenage sidekicks. I voted for Robins death.

Cap has been in the movies before.

The first was a Republic Production in 15 chapters. Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and steals a secret device capable of destroying buildings by sound vibrations.

At least that's what IMDB says. I admit I only vaguely remember this, but cap was a D A named Grant Gardner who wore a suit to help him solve crimes. Yea, Looking like this will help me.

In 1979 a made for TV movie showed up. I really dont remember this. I think he drove around on a bike, wore a helmet, and had the silliest shield you ever saw. Or maybe I was drunk.This picture proves I wasn't drunk.

I chose not to remember something in the late eighties early nineties. I'm not even going to look it up. You're on your own.

Okay, I do remember that for some reason, The Red Skull had an Italian accent (?)





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