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Political Brain Farts

The political events  of the last few weeks prompt me to write the following. Comment on any or all as you see fit.


One person that I would not like to be right now is Karl Rove. Once known as “Bush’s Brain”( a title that give the term damned with faint praise a whole new depth) his new persona is out of some late forties film noir classic involving a schmoe who is into the syndicate for several thousand dollars.

But its millions of dollars. Hundreds of millions, of other peoples money, that he bet on elections. Not one, let me repeat that, not one of the the people he poured truckloads of cash into got elected. Not one. I’m sure that these high rollers are savvy enough to expect that a few of those liberals would get in under the wire, but all of them?

Of course, Karl is not the only dodo bird to get whacked over his rich and important head that day. The Koch Brothers come to mind. I envision them wiping their wounds with Brawny paper towels, and wiping the meal of crow from the corner of their mouths with Mardis Gras napkins. Or Zee Napkins.  Or Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels. Its alright they own all of them.

And they owned the money they lost.

But Karl? Sadly no. He lost other peoples money. Powerful peoples money.


Already, the GOP is making noise about how they can turn the tide in 2016 by nominating Marco Rubio .  (He’s Latino ya know.)This is a direct result of a Republican meme that I call, “Lets get one of those.”

The Democrats did well with Hillary Clinton. The other side of the aisle said, “ Lets get one of those.” and came up with Sarah Palin. Obviously, all the GOP saw was ovaries.And it was such a great choice. Four years later, the party was spending time and money distancing itself from her. And she still hasn’t got the memo yet.

As soon as the Grand Old Party was aware that Obama was popular, and Black, word came down from on high “Lets get one of those.” And Michael Steele was found. It took awhile to find him. He was once the Lt Governor of Maryland. Also, the only republican to ever hold that office. He lasted two years as head of the party. They dropped him in 2011. It would seem , the Republicans sweeping the House the year before was less than the party hoped  for. You can see Michael now , regularly , on MSNBC. He’s appreciated by that forward leaning news network, because he comes across as well spoken and rational. No wonder his days as the head of the Republican National Committee were numbered.

They also like to bring up Bobby Jindal , which is kind of ironic, as most republicans seem to think that he is African-American. In truth, he is second generation Indian-American. And thats not to be confused with American Indian.

The point is, The GOP seems to think that black people, women and other minorities vote for a candidate for the tone of his skin and the shape of the candidates junk. The GOP honestly seems to believe that the American voter is a shallow little troll who never looks deeper than an i1080 tv screen will allow.

There has been a constituency of voters who think this way, and there always will be. But their numbers are NOT on the rise.


Yes, you don’t have to tell me that they are still about. But lets ignore the bigots for a second and zone in on people who just plain ignorant.

By ignorant, I don’t mean people who don’t agree with me. Let me give you examples.

Recently, I was shown a diagram of how all the counties voted in the past election. The person asked me, without the slightest bit of irony in her voice, “How could Obama win , with all these states showing red?”

I tried to explain that the votes are based on population, noy geographical area. I reminded her that in many of the cities I had lived in, one city block held more people than the county we both are living in now.

I don't think she bought it.

Another conversation involved several people who were complaining about the electoral college. Hey, I'm with you on this one. It should have been replaced after the invention of the telegraph. Or at least the telephone. Television? Well, surely, the internet makes it obsolete. *

But the basis of this particular argument was that Romney lost. Huh? I jumped in with that Obama won the popular vote also.

I’m not making the following statement up:

“But if they stopped counting the votes early, Romney would have won”.

Of the five people including myself, the only democrat in the bunch, three of them shook their heads yes, quite thoughtfully.

Maybe we are doomed.

* Okay, Richard A. Posner has some good reason for keeping tis mess here , avoiding run offs being the best, but I'm still not convenced. The whole thing gave us George W. Bush.

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