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I Used To Vote For The Occasional Republican.

It's true. There was a time when I thought that perhaps this or that Republican was better qualified than my own party's choice. And without looking over my shoulder, and holding my head up, I would cast my ballot proudly for a member of the "loyal opposition " . 

Boy, there's a term you don't hear anymore.

Today, I live in a state where the GOP candidate sometimes runs unposed . But that's a whole other subject.

As recently as thirty years ago ( wait until you hit your sixties and that wording won't sound as absurd) our current president would be considered a moderate republican by most standards.

The current opposition paints him with a word pallet using words like socialist and radical. I've even seen protest signs calling him a communist and a fascist at the same time. Do these people have any sense of history?

The GOP seems to have been overrun by zealots, with zero tolerance for things that are basic to the American style of Republican/Democracy. Ideas like debate and compromise are held at arms length, like some dead rat found on a kitchen floor.

I'm sorry it's come to this.

The legislator from my current home state, Senator Hatch, was good friends with Senator Kennedy. They lunched together quite often I'm told. These days I disagree a lot with the Senator from Utah, but I still respect him, as well as his office. Now this man is facing opposition from members of his own party, because he is not perceived as conservative enough.

Yes, I voted for President Obama , twice, (in two different elections) . Have I been disappointed ? Some. You could argue, I feel, that I'm still voting for a Republican now and then. Just one from thirty years ago.

But I haven't given up on my ideals, and I haven't lost sight of the idea of compromise .

That's it. No pictures, no video, no links. Just the way I feel.

Any (rational) comments?


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