Most Conspiracy Theories Fall Apart Why? Can You Keep A Secret?
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 9:21AM
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Conspiracy theories tend to fall apart.

Don't get me wrong, there are conspiracies out there. Watergate comes to mind. People conspired to make that happen. 

And I should point out, that just until a few years ago , I was a card carrying theorist myself concerning the JFK assassination  . I could quote you chapter and verse on anomalies like pristine bullets and telephone system failures. Like most people my age, I saw that entire drama spread out in front of me like a three act play on television . 

I understand the feeling that something with this much impact on my own life, just could not be something as simple as one man. I just had to be bigger than we were told. There was no other way it could be.

I think I hit the high point of my belief just before the Oliver Stone movie, "JFK" was released. Not long after I saw that film, things started getting , for want of a better word, weird.

Holes started showing up in the narrative we theorist had been following. The first real crack in the wall came from the unlikely source of the magicians, Penn & Teller. One of their magic books had an article using a watermelon to show how Kennedy's head would have moved in that seemingly unexplainable way.  If he was shot from behind, wouldn't his head moved forward, instead of backward as in the Zapruper film?

(Just a quick note here. The above hyperlink does not take you to the real Zapruper film, but rather, the Google page ABOUT said film)
And there in the demonstration, there was the melon moving backwards.

But there was more. Lots more. The famous Washington DC phone system breakdown was mostly a non event. Witnesses deaths under strange circumstances, we're not so statistically abnormal, and no where near as against all odds as had been previously stated in the press. And the famous magic bullet was easily explained. Yes, when you demonstrate it with people sitting  in straight chairs, as they did in the movie, it looks like the projectile went all over the map. 

But put the victims in a car. Have that car move. Add the confusion of shots fired. Things don't look as down pat anymore.

But the major thing that seals the deal on this and almost any other conspiracy theory is this :
Look how many people had to know, and keep quiet. 

A conservative estimate is in the hundreds. People in the FBI, the Congress, the Texas law enforcement, the Department of Justice and even the Mafia all had to have some knowledge of it. Maybe not all these groups, and certainly not everyone in them, but some of these people had to know something. Before, or at least after.

I can't help but think what Ben Franklin said about two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

After fifty years, someone should have come forward by now. 

All we hear are crickets.

This thing about everyone keeping quiet after so many years is the bane of most conspiracy theories.  Its just too unlikely. 

There's another "black opp" out there that's getting its share of press of late. "Big Pharma" . This one almost has legs. Big drug companies allegedly keep cures off the market to keep people, just sick enough, to continue milking them of all their money. It sounds almost plausible .

But wait. Nobody in this company has loved ones who could benefit from these drugs that they are keeping from us? Nobody? No one wants to be the hero? No one wants to be listed in history as the person who wiped out heart disease?

All these people are quiet?

I'm not buying that.

Here's one of my favorites.  Extraterrestrial beings have landed and governments conspire to keep it under wraps?

No one ever explains why though.

Well, sometimes you hear that the information is kept out of the mainstream because the public would panic.
According to who? The proof of extraterrestrial life, even if it were only microbial , would easily be the most exciting news of the century. And consider this. The discovery of any such kind of life would instantly galvanize the public, with almost everyone demanding that we learn everything we can. 

Right now we live in a time when scientist pay for most of their research with grant money. The average astronomer must submit twelve grants before one becomes available . A process that takes an average of two years to come to fruition .

If ET was discovered tomorrow, you can bet that lots of grants would become available.

But of course, NASA, and National Science Foundation, and every astronomer and astrophysics major in every country in the world is keeping mum on this.

And why ? I don't know. Avoiding panic, or something.

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