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Religious Liberty V Human Rights. 

Or you’re against presuppositionalism ? Then we can't do bussiness

Let me say first , this is not an original idea. I’ve heard Penn Gillette talk about it on his pod cast. I’ve seen it mentioned for other situations in variations for years.


First, lets define the problem. Some religious people want to reserve the right not to offer their goods and or services to other people because those other people have a lifestyle they disagree with for religious reasons.


The godly folk argue that their religious rights supersede the human rights of those others. I know of no other way to put it. Now despite what they claim, most of the religious do not follow Biblical law to the letter. Ironically, because they stamp all over the human rights of others. I don’t find any Christians who advocate going down to the WalMart on a Sunday afternoon and stoning the workers to death. Or Jews who will do it on Saturday. (see footnote.)

But I digress. How to solve this problem.

One way, and it is quite simple, is to adopt a universally accepted symbol for people who want to use this power. Something that does not choose any religion over another. No crosses or stars or crescent moon. That way, anybody of any religion can use it.

Lets say, for the sake of demonstration, we use a blue uppercase “R” on a white background in a square. Simple enough.

Now, the owner of the business can use this to inform potential customers that this operation reserves the right to refuse service to anyone on religious grounds.

The card must be displayed conspicuously on all doors, advertisements and in the case of restaurants , all menus. To ensure this right, the establishment must take the responsibility to informing potential customers of the position of said establishment.

And there you go. Do this tomorrow, and the problem will go away next week.

Just not the way some people think.

At first blush it would seem that the godly folks are getting what they want. Well, they are. They get to choose who they do business with. Are you gay? Sorry, no seats here. Do you support a woman’s right to choose? Please buy your flowers at some other florist.

And it can go deeper. Southern Baptist can refuse to serve Later Day Saints. I know a lot of Southern Baptist who would jump at this.

Excuse me? Did you say you’re against presuppositionalism ? Well, you can take your order for a wedding cake somewhere else and go to hell in the bargain.

But there is a second side to that coin. By placing that symbol in your doorway, you announce that you don't want to do business with a percentage of the population, but you disagree with a notion that many people in our country take for granted.

You are announcing that you don't like the very American ideal that all people are to be free from persecution because of race , creed , religion, national origin or sexual preference.

You are telling your prospective clients that you are a bigot.

 You know, there are some places in this country where that idea will fly.

 Just not most places.


 * Foot note

As a side note, please don’t tell me that Christians don’t do this because the Messiah fulfilled the Judaic law. People who state this never read the words of Jesus in Matthew 17 and 18. There he states that he is not here to change the law.


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    Response: writing service
    Every individual present in this world should have a liberty to choose the religion. They can do the things in their own way and get the rights equally. No favoritism must be involved in the society and in this way the people do not keep any grudges in their heart.

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